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Best Sellers

SEINT cream makeup, iiid foundation, anti-aging makeup, creme makeup
Discounted Starter Collections

SEINT offers three pre-selected starter palette options at a discounted bundle price for every skin tone (and you can even color match yourself with this option!). However, I am always available if you prefer to have my professional color match opinion to ensure that you choose the best option. Simply visit my color match page to submit your photo and I'll respond with my recommendations within 24 hours.

If you would like to color match yourself for one of these palettes, you can visit the collections page on my SEINT website and scroll down until you find "Collection No. 4, 8 and 12". Select the collection you would like to consider and then select "Find Your Shade" above the "Level" options. A new window will appear showing you several skin tone variations. Find the skin tone closest to yours and select that "Level", then add to cart. Make sure to add the perfector sponge to your cart as that is an important tool in the application process to ensure your makeup looks and wears like a second skin all day long!

SEINT cream makeup, iiid foundation, anti-aging makeup, creme makeup
What makes SEINT unique?

SEINT IIID Foundation is a clean, cruelty-free, makeup line that was designed to help women from all walks of life and all skill levels feel confident in applying their makeup.

Cara Brook, founder and CEO, made it her mission to simplify the makeup application process without sacrificing quality or a beautifully polished look. She made waves in the beauty industry by creating a single palette system that can be applied in one 3-dimensional layer with buildable skin-like coverage.

Most of SEINT's makeup products are cream based making them extremely forgiving and easy-to-use while being fantastic for all skin types, tones and ages! The eyeshadow colors are powder (with the exception of four colors), and they go on buttery smooth with amazing pigment. 

Cream based makeup is incredible for aging skin and blurs fine lines and wrinkles because it does not dry down and stays moveable with your face, unlike liquid or powder foundation. Whether your skin is dry, normal, combo or oily, it will glow like never before with cream makeup and you will find that you start getting compliments on how great your skin looks - when all you changed is your makeup. The shift in confidence I've seen with my clients who use SEINT is truly magical. I'm here to guide you every step of the way when you're ready to experience that shift for yourself!