My makeup came in so quickly and the color matches so well!! I actually couldn’t even tell where I was applying it because it just matched my skin tone so well - LOL. I am very happy with how my first time trying it went! It’s such a subtle but great difference! Thanks so much for your help!
- Bre
I instantly fell in love! The color match was perfect, it's an easy process of mapping out the face and blending. I get compliments all the time on my makeup and best of all it's so light and creases less than my old foundation!!!
- Kristy
I received my makeup and it’s a learning curve but everything blends out sooooo easily that’s its kind of hard to make a huge mistake, haha. Loving it so far! Matches were perfect!
- Cassandra
I received my first SEINT order and I have to say, I was super worried that white peach would be way to dark/yellow for me, but it's perfect! I did go rogue and pick a different Lip & Cheek than what you recommended and it totally did not work for me. I picked Petal and it was WAY too light, it basically disappears. Joke's on me!
- Cecily
I think you did a great job with the color match! It’s going to take a while to get the hang of it, and I’ll eventually want to be able to do a more defined contour, but I think I will like SEINT and I’ll hopefully be able to feel more confident when I go out. Thank you for all of your help!
- Jamie
I am so impressed with this makeup. It is like sheer heaven on your face. Your tutorial is perfect and though I was concerned feeling I was adding too much, it blends seamlessly and so light! Wow. I’m feeling 100! Your color match was right on point.
- Debbie
I really never enjoyed makeup as much as I do now. It is so easy to apply this makeup and hard to mess it up. I look better than ever and that feels amazing. Keep up the good work.
- Sherrie
Ever since I started using SEINT makeup I actually look forward to doing my makeup every single day!
- Kirsten
I'm loving the SEINT products thus far - helps add a youthfulness to my face, a glow of sorts and love it's all in one container so easier than packing a ton of stuff when traveling. I may graduate to a larger palette at some point.
- Rosie
Got my makeup!!! Omg...LOVE!! Colours are perfect...thanks so much for all your help...now I need every single colour of everything!!
- Shelley
I have received the makeup and I am in lovvvee! I wore it out for the first time to my work Christmas party and felt like a queen!! The colors are the perfect shade! So thank you so much for your suggestions. I’m also really excited how easy it will be to travel with it! I do a lot of business trips and to just be able to take a carry on is very exciting! Thank you so much!!!
- Holly
There are so many things I love about SEINT beauty products! The first thing that drew me in was how compact it was. Once I tried it and got the application down I loved how it didn’t feel like anything was even on my face. Since I’ve been using the makeup I have received numerous comments about how I’m looking younger - and the only thing I’ve changed is my makeup. :) All of this with the fact that it is so budget friendly has me a customer for life! Thank you so much for introducing me to it.
- Aubrau
I love SEINT products! I have melasma and have tried every product/peel out there... it doesn’t go away! But with SEINT products I can blend out the darkened areas, and my melasma seems to disappear! I couldn’t be happier. Plus the products are easy to use, compact and budget friendly. I love that I only need one compact for my full face!
- Tanya
Oh my goodness! I have FINALLY found a makeup line I can use!!! I was quite skeptical of the cream consistency, but I LOVE it, it is SO forgiving! I watched the HAC tutorial you did online, and followed along with the card that came with my products. The color match was spot on (something I was also worried about bc I have quite fair skin). From a girl that has NO cosmetics/makeup skills, I can TOTALLY do this! Thank you so much for the tutorials, color matching, and suggestions!
- Amber
I got the makeup yesterday, and I have to say, you NAILED it with the color match!! Everything looks so good, I really like this makeup. I used the tangerine lip and cheek, and I'm obsessed with it! I definitely want to keep playing around with more colors. Thank you!!!
- Mackenzie
I'm loving my SEINT products so far - the color match was spot on! Thank you for all of your help!
- Megan