procore lvp english grove oak floors, diy

Patience paid off and the time has finally come to remove the DIY “band aids” I’ve done with paint to our house over the last 7 years.

YES - we are doing a complete interior overhaul! The only thing staying is the luxury vinyl plank flooring we did previously that you can catch in this blog post.

DIY Install Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring | Procore Plus

If you’ve been considering luxury vinyl plank flooring in your home, I highly recommend it for several reasons:

ProCore Plus Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring, English Grove Oak, DIY Flooring Installation

Redoing your floors is a big investment and with so many flooring options out there, how do you know what to choose?!

DIY Custom Closet with Modular Closets

We did a complete DIY custom closet overhaul in our master bedroom in ONE WEEKEND! I know what you're thinking...

DIY Painted Kitchen Cabinets with NO SANDING or PRIMING!

One of the things I immediately fell in love with when my husband and I first saw the house we live in now, was the kitchen.  We looked at more houses than I’d like to count over a two year span and I can’t recall one kitchen where I thought...

Inexpensive Tub Update with Decorative Moulding

Looking for an inexpensive way to update your tub without breaking the bank? Then read on, my friend. If you're anything like me then you've spent countless hours on Pinterest pinning and dreaming of a freestanding tub with beautiful tile in front of a gorgeous picture window overlooking an amazing view. Here's my reality...  

Master Bedroom Refresh Under $500 | Mohawk Home Spring Home Tour

I'm thrilled to join 5 other incredibly talented bloggers for the 2nd annual Mohawk Home Spring Home Tour! 

Budget-Friendly Room Makeover Under $150 | Kirkland's

Refreshing a room or doing an impactful budget-friendly makeover doesn’t have to break the bank, because small details can have a big effect on a space.

Money Saving Tip: Find Versatile Pieces For Your Home, Kirklands Black and White Striped This Is Us Wall Plaque

If you’re on a budget but still like to have a stylish home, then my favorite money saving tip is to find versatile pieces for your home!

Keto Chocolate Covered Strawberries + Cheesecake Dip, Sugar Free, Low Carb Desserts

This isn’t my prettiest recipe, but it is one of the tastiest if you’re following keto and missing fruit or sugar. I don’t really “miss” either because I didn’t eat a lot before I started keto, but now that I’ve found ways to eat sweets guilt free - it’s on like Donkey Kong!!